Shannon and Matt both win Employee Of The Year 2017

05/09/18 12:14:pm

Shannon Taush and Matt Morony recieved the 2017 Plaza Healthcare Employees of the Year Award. The banquet which was held on February 22, 2018 included twelve 2017 Employee of the Month winners and their guests. This year's banquet was inique in that we were not able to choose just one winner. We awarded 2 amazing employees the award.

Shannon Tausch has been with Plaza in the Case Management Department for 3 years. She is originally from San Jose, California. She became interested in Healthcare as she in her own words would say "I'm accident prone and I spent a lot of time in medical facilities". When Shannon is not working she enjoys hiking, traveling, and cooking. She calls herself "Chef Shanny".

Matt Marony has been with Plaza Healthcare for 6 years. He is originally from Oregon and relocated to Arizona 17 years ago. He is one of our very best Licensed Practical Nurses and actually trains the majority of our new nurses. He became interested in Healthcare after being in the Air Force for 6 years. When Matt is not working he enjoys hiking, reading, and flying airplanes with his father.